Andrea Larson

(603) 325-3098

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For almost two decades, Andrea's passion for Swedish folk music and dance has led her to perform across the northeast US and in Sweden. She has fiddled for Christmas Revels in New York and Boston, toured nationally as a soprano with the Waverly Consort, and performed with Orion Longsword and Grammy-nominated trio Hoag Kelley Pilzer.

One of a handful of fiddlers in the United States who carry music and dance traditions from Sweden, Andrea enjoys serving as a musical ambassador between the two countries. In addition to teaching Swedish fiddle tunes and technique, her current passion is teaching sustainable practice methods to students of all ages, using an approach she has developed since her time at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Sweden in 2012–13. With a focus on the body mechanics of playing Swedish fiddle, note initiation, and the source of rhythmic impulse, she greatly enjoys making music with musicians of all ages and levels.

Andrea teaches violin, voice, and fiddle styles from her home studio in VA.